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HaGvura – The Forum for Families of Fallen Heroes is an apolitical organization that unites bereaved families of soldiers and members of the security forces who fell in the Iron Swords War.

These families strongly and unequivocally urge the political leadership to finish the mission that they committed to, namely,  eliminating Hamas terrorists, returning the hostages to their families, disposing of all weapons and arms, and ensuring Israeli’s full security control over all parts of Gaza. 

The Forum works to strengthen the political leadership and the IDF’s senior command, while encouraging them to  continue — and not to stop, hesitate or heed the words of those who try to weaken Israel and stop its actions before the objectives of this war have been achieved.  

Our mission is to clearly articulate the unequivocal demands of the fallen, their families and the entire Israeli people:

No one holds the mandate to cease military operations until all the predefined conditions of victory  have been achieved and deterrence has been restored, so that we can continue to live and to thrive as a peace-loving nation in the State of Israel.

This is the mission that our children have bequeathed us.  We will do everything to ensure that our voices are heard loudly and clearly and that our message informs decision makers in the cabinet, the government and the media.

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In their deaths, they bequeathed us victory

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